Saturday, 8 November 2008

Edouard Vuillard, The Reader, 1896

Click image for 548 x 600 size.

Edouard Vuillard [French Post-Impressionist/Nabi Painter, 1868-1940]


संदीप said...

Hey, it's a marvelous blog, really, I mean it.

I just came across to your blog, while searching for paintings.

Would like to discuss, to be precise, learn, something about paintings from with you, though i'm not an painter, i'm not an critique, very recently i've developed the intered in painting.

Mariana said...

Hi, संदीप! I've always enjoyed art, I was fortunate that my parents had a few very nice books depicting the best paintings in the best museums in all the world. That said I don't count myself as a specialist either in art history or in the techniques of art, either. Like the saying goes, I don't know what art is I just know what I like! So in this blog I show paintings that catch my eye, I don't think I can teach you anything. But sometimes just looking at wonderful paintings is an education in itself, it builds good taste. Just like the best way to learn writing is to write, and the best way to become a proficient reader is to read a lot, you know? :) Thanks for commenting, and good luck with your search for knowledge.