Friday, 9 January 2009

Grace Cossington Smith, Quaker Girl, 1915

Click image for 458 x 600 size.

Via Figuration Feminine

Grace Cossington Smith [Australian Painter, 1892-1984]


Hels said...

what a lovely painting by Cossington Smith, one that I hadn't seen before. Do you know who owns Quaker Girl?

I have created a link to my post on this artist,
many thanks
Art and Architecture, mainly

Mariana said...

Hi, Hels, I like your blog! I don't know anything about this painting, sorry, just that it's neat. Thanks for dropping by, and for the plug.

Liz said...

May I use this credited to the artist for use in my page for female Quaker family members?

M said...

If there are rights issues regarding this image I wouldn't know about it, sorry.