Thursday, 24 September 2009

Vilhelm Hammershöi

Vilhelm Hammershöi, originally uploaded by ondiraiduveau.

Vilhelm Hammershöi (Danish, 1864-1916)


robbe said...

i've just stumbled upon this blog, and i'm hooked. it has gotten hard to find interesting places to research art.


Mariana said...

Hi Robbe, thank you! There are some great art photostreams on Flickr.

Anonymous said...

i love it

columnist said...

This picture by Hammershoi, and others of his work, were in a (BBC?) programme I saw a few years ago, and I am particularly drawn to the simplicity of his work. I think I'm right in saying that you rarely if ever see the faces of the subjects.

Mariana said...

I think that's true, and I find it relaxing. It's the beauty of the composition that's so appealing. Also, even the greatest artists didn't always paint very beautiful faces, so the mystery is more interesting. Joseph Stieler was one of the few who consistently painted gorgeous faces.