Friday, 26 November 2010

Georg Friedrich Kersting, Jeune femme cousant à la lueur d'une lampe, 1828

Georg Friedrich Kersting, German (1783-1847).


Jillian said...

First, this is a beautiful painting.

Second, I was here about a year ago and found a beautiful painting I saved to my computer (stupidly, without citing.)

Now I'm using it and cannot properly credit the work, or search for it here, as I don't remember who painted it.

Do you happen to recognize the painting at the top of this page?

Thanks so much if you can spare the time. I figured it was worth asking. :-)

- Jillian

M said...

Hello Jillian. If it were from my photostream I'd be able to tell you, but it's from someone else's flickr and I don't recognize it, sorry.

Anonymous said...


I just discovered your blog, it looks pretty interesting to me (as far as I can tell after just a few minutes here). There's just a few things about that picture by Georg Friedrich Kersting you show here that I wanted to tell you:
Kersting was not french but german. As far as I know he was a friend of the a lot better known painter Caspar David Friedrich. The original painting can be seen at the "Neue Pinakothek" in Munich, Germany. If you ever happen to get there, take a look inside that museum, it's worth a visit, believe me.


Jillian said...

Oh, okay. I know it's something I found either here or at I frequent you both. :-)

Thanks so much for your time!

M said...

Hi Anon, thanks for the info, I'll correct it as you say.

Anonymous said...

The original title of the painting is "Junge Frau nähend" . G.F. Kersting created it in the year 1828.

M said...

Hi Anon, thank you for the info, I'll add it to the post. Happy Holidays, everyone!