Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Leonardo da Vinci, Mona Lisa, 1503-1506

Can not not post the Mosa Lisa, can I?


Art et Vintage said...

Hi Gatochy!

Many thanks for posting a picture of my photostream again!
But what means this comment you write under your post ("Can not not post the Mosa Lisa, can I?"). Can you explain me please?

M said...

Hi, you're one of my top 5 favorite flickrs, I'd post it all if I had the time! I meant that I had to post it, because it's the most famous portrait in the world - and the first time I've posted a da Vinci! This must be corrected.

Art et Vintage said...

Thanks you so much for the explanation (my english is so bad :)).
I'm very honored to be one of your favorites flikrs!!