Thursday, 17 September 2009

Silvestro Lega, Giuseppe Mazzini Dying, 1873

Silvestro Lega, Italian realist (1826-1895)


carmensabes said...

Excellent painting!!!!

curator said...

This is great. I have some posts planned on the theme of misery, disease and death, and this will fit perfectly.

Mariana said...

At the risl of sounding morbid, that's a great idea! :)

Fredericks said...

A powerful work. The unfortunate Mazzini, lies uncomfortably upon his pillow as if he wasn't comfortably prepared for his death.
The sheets are not drawn up around him, and it seems as if he just fell into his bed.

But yet, his hands are gently composed, which suggests that he peacefully accepts his destiny.

The reduced pallet renders the work basic and realistic. Thank you for sharing this with us.